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One of our members, Norma Aldred, has writiten a book, “Vulcan County Remembers” about the 83 men and 1 woman from Vulcan County who died in World War I and World War II. For each person named on Vulcan area cenotaphs or listed in local history books, the book tells the military background of the person, the family or community connection and shows a photograph of the person. Two printings of the book have been done. The information was gathered and many of the photos were found. However, some photos are still missing. Do you know where a photo can be found for any of the following people? If so, please email us at or leave a message at the Vulcan and District Archives 403-485-2168. We would like to be able to include as many as possible in a future third printing. A picture is worth a thousand words and each of our fallen heroes is worthy of the complete story. Our missing photos:

  1. Private Jacob Baxter-died April 9, 1917
  2. Lance Corporal Thomas George Chambers-died August 26, 1918
  3. Private George Newton Copeland-died September 28, 1918
  4. Trooper Charles William Clark-died March 13, 1944
  5. Harold “Rex” Teskey-died August 29, 1941

These were all on the Carmangay, Alberta list.

From the Vulcan, Alberta list:

  1. Gunner Vernon John Angus-died March 10, 1943
  2. Private George William Burrows-died May 11, 1915
  3. Private Charles “Charlie” Clark-died April 16, 1917
  4. Captain Herbert Newton Heal (Dr.)-died March 14, 1941
  5. Private Francis Philip Syvret-died September 26, 1916
  6. Warrant Officer George Welland Thompson-died October 9, 1943

Any informaton would be greatly appreciated.

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