The Vulcan and District Historical Society began when a group decided to write a history book about the area. The first book, Wheat Country-a History of Vulcan and District, was published in 1973. An update was published in 1988. Wheat Country II is available from the historical society for $10 plus shipping. A great bargain! You can pick one up at the Museum, the Archives or order by telephone or email. Wow-for Canada 150, we are offering this book for only $1.50 plus shipping. Our birthday present to share with you.

Since that time, the Society has been actively promoting preservation and recognition of our past. The Society also operates the Vulcan and District Museum and the Vulcan and District Archives. The historical society may be reached by mail at Box 104, Vulcan, AB, T0L 2B0, by phone or fax at 403-485-2168 or by email at Those who have questions about Vulcan history or items you would like to donate to the museum or the archives can reach us through any of these. New members are welcomed!


In 2013, Vulcan and District Historical Society decided to honor the original street names that were given when Vulcan began. The streets were named after the gods. In later years the streets were renamed numerically. New street signs were ordered by the society and funded by the Vulcan 100 committee. The attractive new blue and white signs show both the original and the modern names for the streets in the historic part of town. Also included is the Star Trek symbol, as the town is the official Star Trek capital of Canada. The photo shows both the old (green) name sign and the new one which is alone on the post.




Wasn’t that a blast from the past?

June 6, 2015

Vulcan’s centennial was celebrated in style in 2013. Our historical display was very well-attended. We had information, decade by decade, of the past 100 years.                  

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Wheat Country II-a history of Vulcan and District

August 12, 2014

A history-making bargain-Now only $10.00 $1.50 Cdn each plus postage and handling charges. Looking for a local history book for the Vulcan area, including Brant, Ensign and Vulcan? Our historical society has new copies of the second edition of Wheat Country available. The information continues on from the original Wheat Country book to 1988, the year this […]

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Searching for a hero

March 14, 2014

One of our members, Norma Aldred, has writiten a book, “Vulcan County Remembers” about the 83 men and 1 woman from Vulcan County who died in World War I and World War II. For each person named on Vulcan area cenotaphs or listed in local history books, the book tells the military background of the […]

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September 30, 2011

Vulcan Advocate September 10, 1924 “Flowers are all right in their way, but it is the wheat that counts, so say the farmers of today. And the bouquet of wheat brought to The Advocate office by Mr. R. McLeod, just about proves the claim. It was made up of some of the finest heads that […]

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